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Blockchain Service Packages

Dive into a seamless experience where the blend of dedicated teams and cutting-edge blockchain expertise converge to create innovative solutions tailored for your needs. Within this digital landscape, the blockchain revolution emerges as a pivotal force, harnessing its transformative capabilities to redefine the benchmarks of the industry. As you immerse yourself, you'll discover a realm where traditional boundaries are pushed, and visionary ideas set the trajectory for the future. Join this transformative journey, navigating the complexities of the blockchain domain, and setting new paradigms for the generations to come.


Real Estate

Architecture Sprint and Product Discovery 

At the beginning of your project's journey, it's essential to take that initial idea and meticulously transform it into a comprehensive blueprint. This phase isn't just about drafting plans; it's about translating your vision into actionable steps that can guide the entire development process. Acting as the bridge between your goals and the technical details required to achieve them, this foundational step is crucial for ensuring the project's success.


Digital transformation
Why do we want to build it?
What is in scope? What is out of scope?
Digital innovation
How do we build it?


User stories act as the cornerstone, providing detailed project blueprints and facilitating risk evaluations of features. To simplify estimations, the T-Shirt size method is employed, with a preference towards smaller, manageable tasks. Incorporating these user stories, a prioritized roadmap is crafted to guarantee sustained value addition throughout the project's lifespan. The roadmap's foundation extends to areas like financial technology, wherein comprehensive architectural proposals are developed. This encompasses elements like infrastructure, access management, cloud processes, and integration strategies.


Blockchain development
User Stories

User stories are project blueprints, guiding our assessment of feature risks. We use T-Shirt size estimations, aiming for as many small-sized stories as possible. 

Blockchain consulting
Road Map

User Stories will be mapped out by  bussines priority to establish a roadmap that will ensure continuos value addition throughout the project.

Financial technology

Architectural and infrastructure proposal, access management, cloud management, deployment process & integrations.

Blockchain Agile Teams

How are blockchain teams set up?

Through the insights garnered from the architectural sprint, we not only grasp a clear perspective on the project's magnitude but also derive a refined understanding of the intricacies involved. Central to this understanding is the emphasis on the LOE (Level of Effort). When contemplating LOE estimates for team packages, the spotlight invariably shines on Small Size user stories. These stories are particularly esteemed for their predictability and minimal associated risks.

In essence, such stories signify tasks that can be confidently accomplished within a span of 3 days or less. Their streamlined nature requires minimal testing. This not only ensures efficiency but also seamlessly paves the way for the subsequent pivot, enabling a fluid transition to the next phase of development.

Blockchain integration

What Will We Deliver?

Sprint Deliverable
  Sprint Deliverable

Sprint deliverables are focused to create incremental product for the project

An example could be an overhaul of an existing application: When an application is being overhauled, data models probably exist. In the first Sprint of the overhaul, we might decide to alter the data models to achieve new results that are desired, this example is an idea about what could be a Sprint deliverable.

Sprint deliverables are monthly recurrence.

2 ICON   Real Time QA Reports

For every sprint during the project, stakeholders will have access to real time QA reports, at these, they will see total test cases and your status: Passed, Failed, Blocked and pending.

Real Time QA Reports are accessible all time and updated in every sprint.

3 ICON   Real Time Performance Metrics

For every sprint during the project, stakeholders will have access to real time performance metrics, at these, they will see key metrics that will give and detailed status of every sprint.

Real Time performance metrics are accessible all time and updated in every sprint, reports will be accessible using Jira Software.

Sprint Reports2
4 ICON   Sprint Report

For every sprint during the project, stakeholders will have access to our sprint report, at this, they will see a consolidated report with detailed status of each sprint.

Sprint report is accessible at the end of each sprint.

Sprint demo
 5 ICON Sprint Demo

The sprint demo takes place at the end of the sprint and is attended by the whole Scrum team, including Product Owner and Scrum Master, as well as relevant stakeholders, management and developers from other teams.

The sprint demo is invaluable for keeping stakeholders up to speed with the progress of product development (Incremental product). It allows them to feedback and discuss with the Product Owner and Scrum team any possible amendments to the Product Backlog which would help to maximise value.



Supply chain
Secure transactions   Sprint Deliverable

Sprint deliverables provide incremental results like updating apps. For example, an initial sprint might adjust data models for desired outcomes. Such deliverables recur monthly.

Trade logistics   Real Time QA Reports

During each sprint, stakeholders can access real-time QA reports showing test case statuses: Passed, Failed, Blocked, and Pending. These reports are continuously updated.

Digital finance
Real estate technology   Performance Metrics

For each sprint, stakeholders have access to real-time metrics that showcase detailed sprint progress. These constantly updated metrics are available through Jira Software.

Blockchain solutions
 Blockchain platforms  Sprint Report

For each project sprint, stakeholders receive access to a comprehensive sprint report detailing the status of individual sprints. This report is made available at the conclusion of every sprint.

Digital assets
Blockchain architecture   Sprint Demo

At the sprint's close, the demo gathers the Scrum team, stakeholders, and others. It keeps stakeholders updated and fosters discussions, allowing potential tweaks to the Product Backlog for optimal value.




About Scrummers

Scrummers, at its core, specializes in the conception and development of incremental products, platforms, and experiences. Harnessing the transformative potential of Blockchain, Scrummers crafts solutions tailored explicitly for the fintech, real estate, and logistics sectors.

With an intricate understanding of these industries and their unique challenges, Scrummers weaves the power of decentralized technology into solutions that drive efficiency, transparency, and innovation. Introducing "the Blockchain Innovation Lab," Scrummers' dedicated wing that exemplifies the company's commitment to innovation.

Innovation Lab
Said Pacheco
Smart contracts
Daniel Jimenez
Blockchain solutions
Ivan Castro 
Freight technology



Software Projects
Property tech



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Why Choose Scrummers?

Extensive Proficiency in Blockchain Technologies


Benefit from our deep knowledge and experience in blockchain technologies. Our team's expertise ensures we deliver innovative solutions that meet your specific business needs.

Delivering Solutions for the Fintech Industry


Unlock new opportunities in the fintech industry with our comprehensive solutions. Using blockchain technology, we enhance operational efficiency and security, empowering your business to thrive.

Customer-centric Methodology for Maximizing Value


Our customer-centric approach focuses on maximizing value for your business. By understanding your unique requirements and aligning our strategies, we develop tailored solutions that drive tangible results.

Exceptional Blockchain Professionals for Your Success


Trust our exceptional team of blockchain professionals to drive your success. With their extensive expertise, they provide top-notch services for blockchain development, implementation, and consultation.


Global Case Studies

Diving into the realm of real-world applications and groundbreaking projects, Scrummers' case studies offer a glimpse into the transformative potential of blockchain technology in diverse sectors. These case studies shine a spotlight on the transformative impact of blockchain solutions across diverse sectors and challenges. 

  • Cryptocurrency
    El Salvador made history by becoming the first country to accept Bitcoin as legal tender. We partnered with the government to create and implement the official cryptocurrency wallet for the nation.
  • Decentralized applications
    TEZ is a leader company becoming the go-to technology solution for ticketless parking and valet, SMS Valet by TEZ is the world’s first paperless valet system. With this patent­-pending technology, you can streamline operations and expedite the valet process.
  • Secure transactions
    Our Pay Tech solution enables merchants to seamlessly accept cryptocurrency payments online. Dira Pay supports Bitcoin and is in advanced stages of incorporating stable coins into its repertoire, further expanding its capabilities.
  • Interoperability
    Digito is an innovative document management solution that combines automation, electronic signatures, and Blockchain technology. It significantly reduces processing times by up to 80%, while ensuring the legality, security, and traceability of your documents.


Global Testimonials


identidad technologies

"Scrummers has invested hard work and professional commitment to our projects. They have exceeded our expectations in every way and I can't wait to continue our collaboration in the future."

Web in Motion

"The Scrummers team counts with an amazing group of individuals with a lot of talent."

tez tehcnology

"Thanks to Scrummers, we have created our flagship product, SMS Valet parking, over 2 million cars per month in over 2000 locations worldwide."

Athena Bitcoin

"Scrummers is one of the key partners that helped us build Chivo wallet, the first Digital bank that supports Bitcoin as a legal tender in El Salvador, a true milestone for humanity."


Blockchain Certified

Real estate blockchain
Blockchain scalability

Blockchain Certified

  • Digital strategy
  • Tokenization


Americas Digital

About Americas Digital

The Americas Digital platform provides a powerful combination of human support and advanced AI-powered business tools, designed to help emerging U.S. businesses reach their full potential. Our experienced teams, based in the Americas, are dedicated to excellence and bring a wealth of knowledge to our mission.

We’re committed to connecting service providers, manufacturers, and brands to maximize opportunities in the digital economy, driving positive change through innovative, efficient, and effective trade and commerce.

Join us in revolutionizing the way your emerging business succeeds and thrives with the support of a rapidly-growing community of technologically literate, highly creative, and productive professionals who are among the most skilled and driven to succeed. Our streamlined business operations will unlock your profitable growth at scale, giving your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed in the digital age.

Blockchain platforms


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